Rolling Along

Remember my wardrobe makeover? It started like this.


My wardrobe makeover took another step this week, when the semi frameless roller doors arrived.

I quite like them, never seen semi frameless mirrored doors before. The idea of the mirrors all the way was to reflect the light, and because the room is (what I consider) ‘backwards’ (The bedhead is beside the door, thus you see only the feet end and the robes from the doorway) It will reflect the bed proper.

At the moment, it reflects the disgusting burgundy feature wall and horrid ceiling fan, but they will be gone in time. As will the old wall rattler of an a/c unit.


I am thinking the Dulux ‘Hogs Bristle’ in here 1/4 strength on all walls to give light and warmth and a neutral tone, then dress the bed in whites and sandy coloured cushions.  I have chosen sheers to hang on the window, ceiling to floor on concealed rod. They will be in a sandstone shade too – hard to explain. (For now, you get crappy white nylon.) Sheer to allow the light in and that lovely wafting breeze, with a sun blind behind for privacy – roll down at night or when privacy is required.

What do you think?


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