Anatomy of a Chicken

Noodles is sick, once again.

I am quite sure she has egg yolk peritonitis.

She’s had 3 bouts of the same symptoms and hasn’t laid an egg in over 5 months. She became quite well over her winter molt, but as the days are lengthening and the laying cycle (should) once again begin, her symptoms re-appeared.

Tomorrow I will call the vet and find out the charge associated with doing the deed kindly. I am afraid I am just not able to do it manually. Having a broken hand and all. (cough).

Sook much?

Whilst googling EYP I came across this video.

It’s NOT for the squeamish.

Look away if you are not of stable tummy.

Still here?

Good on you!

The whole EYP intrigues me. When she was first unwell, a colleague sent me some images of an autopsy done on a bird that had EYP.

Again – look away if you are squeamish – or had omelette for breakfast.

Here are the pictures and I’m glad for you that they don’t come with that unbearable smell:
Dead Chook
Very emaciated and swollen.
All the muscle tissue is gone.
Body cavity filled with smelly, yucky liquid.
I don’t understand that she could still live like that. She was eating and pooping and not pale at all. But very lethargic.
Heart and egg yolk.
The liver.
Ovary and egg yolk.
Are these red and greenish things at the ovary rotten eggs?
We found one very small shelled egg.
Full gizzard. Note that there is barely any muscle left.
Terribly enlarged intestine.
Do chooks have an appendix?


So there you have today’s anatomy lesson, and probably far more than you ever wanted to know about – of a hen.

In other news – how do you like your eggs – sunny side up? ;)

11 responses

  1. awe poor chicken! It’s a wonder it could manage to survive with such messed up insides! I thin instead of egg sandwiches for lunch we’ll have pasta instead. Is egg yolk peritonitis contagious?

  2. Thank you. There are some things a Jen does not need to know. There are some things a Jen does not need to see. However, my Beloved will thank you for turning me off having chooks. He will enjoy that.

    I hope your lovely Noodles is not suffering with this, but I’m not going to ask how you’d confirm that diagnosis.

  3. eeeek thats horrid. I still have five Old English Game bantam roosters to get rid of. You now have room, I will be sending them up to you. This morning they started crowing at 5pm. Too many roosters spoil the coop.
    ps. totally slack on emails but I still luvs ya!

  4. Good try grossing me out. I didn’t watch the video but looked at the photos. I cleaned eons of just dead chickens as a kid (& it is preferrable to clean their innards while still warm than cold). It was an unpleasant job but I discovered how stupid chickens are which contributed to my not being a vegetarian. Just thought you’d want to know.

    Hope your little chickie is in Cadbury egg heaven…

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